Enrolling your children into a martial art school can help them grow in a variety of ways. Some studies suggest that children suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can have a huge success rate with discipline and concentration by learning martial art skills.

Learning any martial art requires the student to pay attention to the instructor who teaches the class. Students learn discipline and respect for others while attending a self-defense school. Practice sessions may include attending classes several times a week for one-hour classes.

A typical class session involves basic exercise with stretching involved to loosen the body up for self-defense techniques. Students will learn kata movements as they continue to advance. Routine light-contact sparring is something else they learn how to do with each belt promotion. Belt levels start at beginner white, yellow, purple, orange, brown and black.

Experts agree starting children at a young age allows them to learn the art and gain the best results. Six or seven is a fantastic age to begin training in any martial art. A child’s body is developing the muscles needed for more rigorous training as they mature. The many benefits listed below are what children will gain by learning a martial art.

Self Defense

Children learn how to protect themselves with any martial art they learn. As they grow older, those skills will remain with them as long as they continue to practice their skills. They could have to rely on those skills during some moment of their life.

Attention To Details

Learning a martial art will help your child improve their ability to focus on schoolwork and physical activities. It helps improve mental function as they continue to master the art they’re receiving the training in. Parents should see a huge difference in how their child reacts to situations that involve them.

Self-control is another aspect that learning a martial art will help the child achieve. It involves the child is focused on the task at hand. They will have the desire to strive to finish anything they have the mindset to accomplish.

Improved Balance And Posture

Poor posture and balance can cause health problems as children grow into adults. Health issues can include back and spine problems. Sitting or standing the wrong way causes this. Martial art training builds confidence that helps your child develop good habits to avoid having health issues. They will learn how to stand properly while developing a healthy lifestyle from participation in martial arts.

Memory Improvement

Martial art training will take years to master. The skills learned will improve the student’s memory because there is so much knowledge about the art involved. As students learn a martial art skill, their ability to remember improves with homework and other school classes.

Improved Physical Fitness With A Healthy Lifestyle

Learning a martial art will increase your child’s ability with physical exercise. The martial art will promote healthy living to the student to only put nutrients and substances into their body that promotes positive results. Bad influences associated with wanting to use drugs or alcohol will be removed from a student’s thoughts after they begin taking a martial art. They develop the mindset to become the very best from learning any type of martial art skills.

Self-Discipline And Responsibility

Students taking a martial art class will develop strong behavioral skills when it comes to being a responsible individual. Although they are still at a young age, children seem to take on more responsible work that must be done at home for their parents. Learning martial arts helps develop a student into being careful not to use the skills they learn on others.

Awareness Of Surroundings

Children learning a martial art have a keen sense of what is happening around them at all times. This is important when it comes to society in today’s world. Children need to be aware of all types of danger that surrounds them. They develop this sense of awareness by the martial art philosophy they are trained in.

Courage And Bravery

Students learn to be physically and emotionally strong as part of the benefits of learning a martial art. They lose the fears that many people deal with in everyday situations. Confidence increases with a long study in art. Students can conquer the emotion of fear by an inner strength instilled in them from learning a martial art. Children learn this from participation in a martial art. They’re more capable of setting goals and being successful in life.


Leadership begins inside the dojo where children learn martial arts. The classes teach students important leadership skills by allowing them the responsibility to lead the class during a session. This is something the instructor will do with students showing success in what they’re learning from the training. The instructor decides when a student has improved enough to allow them a leadership role with the class. What students learn will continue to follow them into adulthood.

Martial Art Systems To Consider For Children

Choosing the correct martial art class for your child to participate in is important to keep them happy and satisfied. All of the self-defense arts listed will teach your child respect and self-control. You need to learn about the types of skills offered in each art. You should visit the facility to learn more about who the teachers are. Here are a few recommended fields of study that make a perfect match for children.

§ The Japanese art of karate uses quick movements involving kicks and punches that involve students to warm up properly before participating in techniques.
§ Korean Tae Kwon Do remains a popular martial art participated in widely across the United States. Great art for children to participate in.
§ Japanese Judo teaches balance and leverage to throw an opposing opponent to the ground.
§ Chinese Kung-Fu is a great martial art that will keep the interest of children as they learn the skills to master the art.

Martial art training will impact children throughout their lives. Along with learning self-defense, the arts will give them what they need to be successful adults.

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